LeBron James

The King chases the Servant

King chases the servant

If you’ve been paying attention to the NBA as of recent, you would have noticed Kevin Durant gave himself the nickname “The Servant.” I think Durantula, KD or the slimreaper are all better names to me. Much has been made in the first half of the season about Kevin Durant running away with the MVP race. Durant earlier in the season had a stretch of games were he had 30 plus points. LeBron has heard this and as any competitor would feel, he wonders why as the two-time MVP everyone (including myself) is ready to hand Durant the award.

In the first meeting between each stars team, Durant got the better of LeBron as Oklahoma City came out the victors 112-95, and what made this win significant is that it was on the heats home court. Both teams met again Feb 20, this time the heat came away victorious at the Chesapeake Energy Arena 103-81.

According to ESPN’s Tom Haberstroh LeBron James said:

” I do get jealous, I’m not gonna lie. I get jealous sometimes when I look over at KD and he’s like 16-for-32 and then 14-for-34. … Man. … First of all, you have to have an unbelievable mindset to get up 30 shots. I always think about it, though. If I get up high-20s, 30 shots a game, what could I do today, with the way I’m playing?”

LeBron has come out on fire post all-star, with just six games in and playing less minutes on average (36.3), his FG% and 3 point FG% have both risen as well as his shot attempts. Recently LeBron logged his career and Miami Heat franchise record 61 points in a game against Charlotte Bobcats. Durant responded with a 42 point game against the Sixers in which he didn’t play in the 4th quarter. The rest of the season is going to be interesting it’s officially a two horse race, I still think Durant is the front runner, at least now it’s a conversation again