Champions League

How the mighty have fallen

Manchester United has had a sub-par season based on the clubs history. Sir Alex Ferguson led the red devils for more than 26-and-a-half years and is currently the longest serving manager in the history of the club.

Ferguson retired at the end of the 2012-2013 season, winning yet another English Premier League title to add to his already impressive haul of trophies.

Ferguson helped appoint his successor at Manchester United. David Moyes was selected to carry on the United Legacy. It was always going to be difficult to fill the shoes of the most successful united manager. The end result Manchester United had their worst season, the club is currently 7th with a chance to climb as high as 5th place with three games remaining.

Disappointed with the teams performance in both domestic play and international tournaments, the club decided to part ways with Moyes, with just four games left in the season.

United haven’t sacked a coach since before they hired Sir Alex 26-years ago. The club is looking to bring in a proven winner to manage the club and hopefully attract world-class players, the only problem with this plan is united will not be competing in the prestigious UEFA Champions league which would have been the main selling point to any potential recruits considering playing at Old Trafford.


Four – Closure

The gunners started this season on such a great high, but as the season has progressed we’ve seen the same arsenal most have become accustomed to for the past eight seasons.

Wenger’s men have seen their hold at the top of the league slip away over the last two months. Currently Liverpool (74 pts.)leads the league followed by Chelsea (72 pts.) and then Manchester City (70 pts.) who have two games in hand over the two teams above them. Arsenal have yet again found themselves in a battle not for the top spot in the league but fighting to maintain a top four spot in order to qualify for next season’s champions league.

Earlier today arsenal fell to the very team they could not afford to lose points against. Everton blanked arsenal 3-0 today at Goodison Park, narrowing the gunners lead over them to just one point. With the toffees having a game in hand the remaining fixtures will determine who secures the fourth champions league position.

Everton Have Manchester United, Manchester City and Southampton among their remaining fixtures, while Arsenal has the easier schedule. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the prem, every game is unpredictable. Considering what was supposed to be one of Arsenal’s best seasons and one of Wenger’s greatest achievements, Arsenal has again falling into the same scenario we’ve seen. Fans again are potentially looking at a trophy-less season (providing the team doesn’t beat Wigan Athletic in the FA cup final) and another fourth place finish.