SToP sleep out backgrounder

Tunde Banjo
David Cabrera
Ajia Allen
Rena Martin

Sleep-Out Backgrounder
For one of our events in our senior seminar group project we chose to host a sleep out to help both students and community members understand that it really is only circumstance that separates us from the homeless. The sleep out symbolizes how those who can’t afford a roof over their heads got to bed every night.
Also donations will be accepted at this event as well as directions to participate in our subsequent events relating to the same topic. By doing this we hope to eventually raise awareness for the growing population of the homelessness in Wicomico County and the whole Eastern Shore. We partnered with the Village of Hope to help reach a bigger audience and to also give them a voice here on the Salisbury University campus.

SToP Sleep out Press release

Tunde Banjo
Press Secretary

SALISBURY, Tuesday, April. 07 – We’re hosting a sleep out on Salisbury University campus at the angle on April 8, 2014. The event’s purpose is to gain awareness for the homelessness population in Wicomico County and the rest of the eastern shore.
Boxes will be on location to collect donations from both students and the community. This event also serves as a precursor to our other events geared towards the same purpose and objectives.
If you can’t make it to this event, we will also have a table for donations set up at the Great Clue Caper race that will be held on the grounds of the Village of Hope on April 13, 2014. Also on the Village of Hope website there is a wish list, so if you do not know what to bring that can give you an idea.
“I think it’s such a great thing what you guys are doing, there really needs to be more efforts like this on campus.” said Alex Hargrove.
Donations would be benefiting people at the Village of Hope, HALO and Joseph’s House, so all donations are welcomed.
To learn more about the race visit the website http://www.greatcluecaper.com

~The only thing that separates us is circumstance~
For further information on the sleep out contact Tunde Banjo via e-mail at bb21842@gulls.salibury.edu