The 40/40 Club

The Philadelphia 76ers earned the dubious honors of being only the second team in NBA history to lose two games back to back by 40 plus points. Ironically the only other team to hold this record are the 1993-94 76ers who lost to the knicks by 48 and to Indiana by 45.

The sixers are currently second to last in the Eastern conference with a record of 15-38. Nobody expected the sixers to have a great season but to be struggling this much and have the record they have so far can be summed up with one word “Pathetic”. The first of the two record tying defeats came at the hands of the Los Angeles Clippers who had just got back their All-Star point guard Chris Paul. As you can imagine Lob city had a field day with the lackluster sixers and were ahead by 39 points at the half. The clippers ended with their largest margin of victory in franchise history with a 54 point difference.

As if the prior game wasn’t atrocious enough the sixers followed that up with another abysmal performance against the Golden State warriors. The sixers actually pulled their weight in this contest, they kept the game close until midway through the second quarter when the warrior started to pull away. The sixers went into halftime down 33 points. The warriors went on to win the game by 43 points.
At this point the sixers might as well start preparing for next season and start preparing for the draft, even the Milwaukee Bucks who have the worst record in the league (9-42) have not lost in the manner in which the sixers are. It’s either time for the coach to go or for some major roster changes to be made in either event it seems all Philly fans have to look forward to is to see what college basketball player declares for the draft and what number they get in the draft lottery.



  1. I watched both of these games on SportsCenter the next morning. You’re right, it’s really embarrassing. Almost as embarrassing as the Broncos and Seahawks Super Bowl. Not really, but still. For a professional team to lose by 40+ two nights in a row, that’s crazy. The only positive the Philadelphia 76ers have going for them is Michael Carter-Williams, and their 1st round pick, Nerlens Noel. Maybe their tanking for WIggins? or Parker? At least their not as bad as Milwuakee.

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