Not so Smart

I commend student athletes who accept their role as a student comes first and not an athlete, but can your draft stock be hurt because you choose to enjoy your college experience rather than cash in on your talent for the dollars you can potentially make. Marcus Smart starting SG for the Oklahoma State Cowboys, would have been a lottery pick had he submitted his name for the previous NBA draft. He returned for all the right reasons, however it may be a decision he just might regret.

Marcus Smart has struggled to find the form that saw him named Big 12 conference player of the year, freshman of the year award and be names to the pre-season all American list.  The recent performances of the Cowboys coupled with his own struggles may see him fall in the pecking order come draft day if he decides to enter after this year.

Oklahoma State finished last year losing to the Oregon Ducks in the NCAA tournament with an overall record of 24-8.  Smart averaged 15.4 points per game, 5.8 rebounds per game, and 4.2 assist per game and led the Big 12 in steals where he recorded 99 and averaged 3.0 per game. This season is a different story however, the cowboys are struggling currently with a 16-7 record and 4-6 in the big conference it’s easy to say the team and Smart are not performing to expectations. The frustrations has been visible in the otherwise reserved Smart. Twice on Jan. 25 he kicked a chair on the sidelines in a game against West Virginia, more recently Smart got into an altercation with a Texas Tech fan who he alleges directed a racial slur at him.

Now personally I don’t think these recent events should hurt his draft stock, but if I’m being realistic it just may hurt him. Players are held to a higher standard unfortunately, and regardless of what might have been said Smart should have known better than to react, after all he has a lot more to lose than the fan.




  1. All good points Baba. He’ll probably still get drafted in the top 10. At worse he’ll drop down to the top 15. People were expecting too much out of him. This three game suspension might be good for him, let him clear his head. When he comes back, the team and Smart might catch fire and turn this season around

    1. I’m hoping they do have a good finish to the season i’d like to see him get passed all of this. If in fact what he alleges is true I’m not sure what someone like Sir Charles or Shaq might have done. But you should see Desmond Mason’s interview

  2. First off, great title. I think what he did wasn’t right. He let his emotions get the best of him, and he knows it. He apologized and made it known that he regrets it. My favorite part of the ordeal was the wife of the old man and her reaction. She pointed at him and pretty much said “You messed up this time A-ARON”. Long story short, his draft stock might drop a little today, but if he improves his play from now to the end of the season, I’m sure he’ll still be a top ten pick. Let’s be honest, he’s no Ron “Metta World Peace” Artest.

    1. I also laughed at the wife pointing, and I agree he shouldn’t have reacted that way, lol he is definitely nowhere near Metta. I think he’ll bounce back and also his stock might just depend on who comes out in the draft. You should watch Desmond Mason’s interview

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